Best School Bus Tracking

Solutions for Schools

NeoTrack provides a wide range of solutions which are beneficial for not just
school management, but also for parents, kids & other stakeholders.

Our Solutions

Intelligent route learning-based school bus
tracking solution

  • Solution for school management – tracking, playback & reports
  • Solution for parents – tracking, ETA, alerts & notification

Attendance logged & notified during entry /

  • Short-range tap-based RFID solution
  • Long-range non-intrusive RFID solution
  • Bio-metric based attendance

Attendance logged & notified while boarding / de-boarding along with authorized child handover

  • RFID cards based attendance
  • Caretaker terminal based attendance & authorization

Automotive-grade CCTV cameras for live monitoring inside the bus

  • MDVR with 4G – video, audio recording & playback, cloud storage
  • IP cameras with modem – video, audio recording live streaming & playback

Features for Parents

Real Time Information

Parents can track & monitor the
precise location of the school bus.

Proximity Alerts to Parents

Alerts are sent to parents 10 minutes
before the school bus reaches the or drop point.

Notifications to Parents

Real-time app notifications when a
kid is picked up or dropped in school

Safety Alerts

Notifications are also sent when a kid
starts from or reaches school


Precise tracking of the school bus
enables parents to plan their time

Audio & Video Surveillance

NeoTrack offers extended safety featureswith surveillance through camera, audio mic and SOS.l

Ease of Use

NeoTrack's easy user interface offers
multiple language support and
adaptability across different OS

Emergency Notifications

Parents are alerted when the school
bus is delayed or any unplanned

Time Saved

Parents need not waste their time
waiting for school bus and kids
spend the least time on the bus.

Features for Schools

Route Optimization

With the help of historic data, NeoTrack finds out the most optimized route for the entire fleet. This smart route plan helps the school management to be fuel & time efficient.

Complete Playback

The entire fleet's one-year data(24*7) is saved and the school management can analyze the fleet movement at any point.

Consolidated Reports

By saving route information for one year, NeoTrack generates reports & charts that give key insights into fuel management, time efficiency, and route efficiency.

Profit Maximization

With zero hardware investments and less human efforts, NeoTrack is the most suitable solution for school transportation.

Instant Breach Alerts

Immediate alerts are sent to the school management when there is any deviation from the expected behaviors. Speed limit breach, distance limit breach, unauthorized vehicle movement, route changes or delays.

Safety and Security

Kids are secure from any threats and misdoings as the school bus is guarded with an intelligent NeoTrack system by instantly notifying kid's status & breach alerts to respective stake holders.

What we provide?

  • Live view of the students & driver
  • Optional front-view & rear-view cameras
  • Access cameras anytime from anywhere
  • An alert will be sent if the camera’s power is disconnected
  • All cameras include audio recording
  • Remotely playback the saved video (1 week – 2 months)
  • Security enclosure locks memory card from misuse
  • Get alerted if the camera is tampered
  • Cloud storage ensures accessing videos even if cameras are off/broken/stolen


NeoTrack cameras can think & act

Normal cameras are passive and they do not have any cloud processing. These cameras requires more human effort..

Automotive grade cameras - safe, reliable at extreme vibrations/temperatures

IP/CCTV cameras used for homes are not suitable inside vehicles & will fail soon.

Blended with cloud storage, NeoTrack cameras can be accessed anytime from anywhere

Normal cameras cannot be accessed if cameras are off/broken/stolen.

Vigilant monitoring via intelligent learning algorithms (No human intervention)

If the cameras stop working you will never know until you check it manually.

Possibility of misuse is avoided via tamper proof cameras & security enclosure

Passive cameras can be easily removed or de-activated by removing memory card.

User-friendly interfaces & multiple cameras can be viewed on same screen

Interfaces are clumsy & not useful for more cameras as switching cameras is tedious.

NeoTrack Lite

School bus tracking has become a necessity more than just a need keeping in view of the safety of kids at school. Neotrack provides one of the best school bus tracking app to ensure kids safety at all times. A lite version of NeoTrack standard, which provides an optional subscription model for parents.
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