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AI-Based Tracking Solutions for Schools & Corporates

Our unique tracking and routing solutions ensure a safe, quick & convenient commute for the commuters along with increasing profitability for schools and corporates.

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Our Solutions

Smart Solutions for School

We offer AI-powered GPS Tracking and Automated Attendance to enhance student safety, optimize routes, and keep parents informed in real-time.

Employee Transportation Solutions​

We provides AI-powered tracking and routing solutions to ensure safe, quick, and efficient employee transportation.

What do you get?

Guaranteed PEACE of MIND for all the stakeholders involved.

New-Age Tracking

Route learning-based tracking with notifications and alerts without geo fencing

SMS/App Notifications

Get notified 10 minutes before boarding/de-boarding, entry/exit

Emergency Alerts

Alerted on vehicle failures, delays, emergency holidays, route or schedule changes

RFID based Tracking

Alerts when commuters board/de-board, dropped at wrong stop, or missed their stop

Automatic Route Management Tool

Provides most optimized routes with least vehicle usage for the given list of commuters

Safety Alerts

Harsh break, Sudden acceleration, Overspeed, Vehicle misuse, Area breach, Tamper alerts

Work Transparency

Driver/Operator performance ranking & Safety compliance - Reports & reminder alerts

Audio/Video Surveillance

Audio and video surveillance footage to investigate any misconduct inside the vehicle

Why Only NeoTrack!

  • Our machine learning based systems can think and act on their own
  • Fewer configuration efforts for the management and vendor
  • Pay only for the services – FREE product – No worries on any hardware investments
  • Intelligent monitoring system ensures BEST services fail-proof system @ lowest cost
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Increased profits through optimized routes & planning
  • An intelligent fault monitoring system
  • User-friendly interface (Web, Android & iOS apps) – Anyone can use the solution in seconds
  • Get NeoTrack Free Trial for a month

Client Testimonials

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Few of Our Clientele

Institutions of all sizes across India use NeoTrack to get a peace of mind
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