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Tracking & Routing solutions for quickest & safest Employee Transportation

Employee Transportation Solution We Provide

Safety Compliance Reports

Vehicle & Driver compliance renewal reports & reminder alerts based on
• Vehicle: Pollution certificate, Insurance, Vehicle permit, Service record, Tyre change record, Fitness certificate, Road tax, Sanity check
• Driver: License, Medical test, DDT Training update, BGV, Induction

Driver/Operator Performance Reports

Performance reports are based on
• Vehicle: Harsh breaking, Sudden acceleration, Static overspeed, Dynamic legal speed deviation, Total driven hours report, Idle report
• Driver: Attendance, Trip-time deviations, Night time deviations

Route learning based Vehicle Tracking Solution for transport operators, employers and employees

• Real-time vehicle online & history tracking
• Accurate boarding point proximity notifications
• Safety breach alerts & reports

Bio-metric (or) Short-range (or) Long-range RFID solution for all

• Attendance logging when they enter/ leave the campus buildings
• Integration of attendance based on inputs from vehicle tracking, secure
boarding system, RFID, and biometric readers

Video & audio surveillance in vehicles

• Live video streaming solution with Cloud & SD card storage
• Audio recording and night vision
• Remote fault monitoring system

Secure boarding system

• OTP enabled secure boarding to ensure the safety of commuters
• OTP based attendance
• Tracking and notifications


RFID based driver monitoring system

Scheduling & re-scheduling of commuters

Automatic routing & digital trip sheet

Commuter tracking with proximity alerts

User friendly apps/interfaces

Real-time tracking with live ETAs

Breach alerts – overspeed, harsh braking, rapid acceleration

User defined reports

Intelligent monitoring systems

Know why employee transportation solutions are necessary for an organization.
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