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NeoTrack’s Smart Solutions To Avoid Unfortunate Incidents In School Buses

Schools are a very integral part of every kid’s life. They shape the very wellbeing of kids, how they behave, how they nurture and take care of themselves. These days are supposed to be filled with joy, happiness and peace of mind for both kids as well as parents. NeoTrack takes the initiative to ensure safety while kids are at school. 

A recent incident in Qatar, of a 4-year-old school kid, getting locked in school bus and suffocating herself to death filled the newspapers and people’s heart with remorse and sadness. This is not a lone incident; similar unfortunate happenings are being reported every year all across the world. Isn’t it now a high time to stop such mishaps which occur just because of carelessness? NeoTrack helps parents as well as school authorities heap a sigh of relief, with our Ai based GPS tracking of school buses. 

Why should school bus tracking be implemented in all schools? 

NeoTrack uses smart Ai based GPS tracking of school bus which offers a wide range of solutions to school management, kids as well as parents for carefree and happy school days.  

Our school bus tracking app with intelligent route learning –based solution ensures that the bus is tracked on real time basis. Parents as well as school authority are notified when the kid boards and de-boards the school bus, using RFID cards.  

Our RFID solutions where attendance is logged and notified during entry and exit includes 

  • Short-range tap-based RFID solution– They are able to read the RFID tags with close proximity or through touch usually within 10cm-100cm. 
  • Long-range non-intrusive RFID solution- Contact less RFID tag reading that can operate from a few centimeters to over few meters of distance. 
  • Biometric attendance- This includes uses face, fingerprint, palm or iris scan to record attendance. 

These solutions ensure that the kid boards and de boards the school bus on time as timely alerts and notifications are given to parents. Along with the user-friendly UI, NeoTrack app offers proximity alerts when the bus crosses the nearby point 10 minutes before pickup/drop. Breach alerts ensure that for any unforeseen circumstances like road blockage happens, the parent is duly informed. Time is saved as well as parents are relieved from the constant worry of kids being safe in school buses. 

Our solution is the best because we go with an integrated hardware plus app approach where we have dedicated hardware in the vehicles for location tracking and children attendance and this combined with the parent tracking app along with AI based automatic change adaptation delivers maximum safety 

NeoTrack’s Evergreen Initiative Towards Safety of Kids in School Bus 

Like any other innovative venture, NeoTrack also faces plenty of questions like, “why is school bus tracking app is needed?”, “If school management, who is responsible for kids safety cannot do it properly how can an app do it?”, “There was no school bus tracking or rather no school bus in our times, we are fine now” and the questions just doesn’t end here. 

We cannot answer each and every of these questions but our app by ensuring the safety of kids throughout their bus journey, makes sure that these questions become irrelevant and baseless. Which is why in the view of recent events NeoTrack app is paving its way to the schools of Qatar. Schools who already use our school bus tracking app are urging their fellow schools to make use of this life saving technology. Let us pray any such above mentioned hazards never occur to any kid and may God give for the family suffering with grief, the strength to overcome it.

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