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What Is Telematics & how Is It Important?

Technology is one such a field that is continuously evolving and there are many new gen tech features that can make our lives easier manifold times! One such feature is Telematics. Telematics is the combination of telecommunication and information technology. Let’s see how it is beneficial.

Vehicle Safety- Telematics can play an important role in vehicle safety. Like auto dialling the feeded contact incase the vehicle gets into accident, theft protection and much more. For instance, if you are going on a long drive to an unknown place, this feature helps in preventing you from getting lost. Parking in unknown places too becomes easy if a telematic system is installed in your car which provides with instant notification incase anyone else tries to steal it.

Live Location- Like NeoTrack’s ai based technology uses live tracking of school bus by GPS positioning and provides with alerts to parent’s mobile is in itself the best example of telematic feature. If such a system is installed in car, it can provide us with the live location of the car. Greatly helpful in investigation where you can get the live location and track the suspects. Above all your loved ones are always safe and sound with you monitoring their movements while travelling to unknown places.

Multiple features, single app- Like how Neotrack’s school bus tracking app provides with on-board and de-boarding alerts, breach alerts, is available in multiple languages & provides with multiple optimization routes similarly apps in the telematic network provide with multiple features for the benefit of users, whom otherwise will have to download numerable apps.

Fuel Saving- NeoTrack’s app is a boon for the school management as it provides with the best optimized route for school buses without any two bus overlaps the same route which hence results in optimal fuel consumption and reduced costs.

IoT & Telematics- The Internet of Things combines various technology to provide with the needed output without manual intervention. Combining IoT with telematics can leave people in awe. Various applications include that in handling home appliances while being away, fleet management, satellite navigation, car sharing etc.

Online Booking Facility- Telematics plays a prominent role in online booking facility. Now adays all the services need to be done online and same applies to the bookings too. Its difficult to do each and every booking using desktop or laptop which can be much easier if done through smart phones. Telematics explores this feature to make lives simpler.

Real Time Information- Getting real time information can be of at most importance, especially for businesses, real time analysis of the data related to sales, marketing and website functioning helps to know any flaws and correct it in the instant.

Compliance- When such fleet management and telematic network is used, they are naturally compliant with the laws and safety. Incase if anything out of the normal happens, you get immediate notification.

Handle large amount of data- Such a network of telematics can use a large amount of data from multiple assets like truck, car, fleet, heavy shipments etc using GPS tracking and sensor arrangements. Telematics noy only helps in GPS tracking, it also analyzes the driver patterns, the driving patterns and send the needed information to the tech centers, where its audited and taken necessary steps.

Telematics have a bright future especially in countries like India & China with increased vehicle population and car thefts. They can open new doors of safety and management.

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