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Few Measures For Being Safe In A School Bus

In the earlier times, when life was simple the hazards related to school and school buses were relatively low as compared to now. As adults we have the full responsibility to ensure that our kids are safe and sound while at school as well as in school buses. A few simple measures if followed can help to avoid large unforeseen circumstances which otherwise can lead to unimaginable a hazard. 

Understand & Follow instructions: While in school bus, each school bus should have an escort teacher, driver and conductor. Teacher should decide the seating arrangements and parents should take up the responsibility to make kids understand that they should follow the instructions of the teacher for their own safety and betterment. Teacher should also monitor the kids such that their actions doesn’t cause any disturbance to the driver. 

Punctuality and safety go hand in hand: Kids/bus staff shouldn’t use unparliamentary words or shout unnecessarily. Never run behind the bus once it leaves its always advised to reach the bus stop/pickup/boarding point 5 minutes prior to the time bus reaches the stop to avoid hassle.  

To make things easier for parents, NeoTrack’s Ai based intelligent school tracking app, gives timely notifications to the parents 10 minutes before the bus reaches the designated pickup/drop points. This ensures that your precious time is not wasted waiting at the bus stop and you catch the bus on time without much hassle. 

Walk safe from bus stop: Incase the kid has to walk alone to home from the bus stop, they should choose the safest way possible which is not fully deserted at the same time not very crowded. While getting on/down the bus make sure that it has stopped fully. Obey the traffic rules while on the road and crossing the road. Situation that is uncomfortable for the kids should be informed to higher authorities or teachers. 

Proper conduct and behavior is mandatory: Kids should be advised to have a proper conduct with their school mates as well as teachers to avoid any disciplinary actions. Tampering of bus parts like poking holes in the seats, spilling water inside the bus should be avoided at all cost. 

Do not park your vehicle at school bus boarding stops: Parents should look into parking their own vehicle at a safe distance from the school bus pickup/drop points to avoid unnecessary road blockage. This can make the commuting easy for the school bus driver as well as for others. 

Avoid staying close to the surrounding area of bus: The area around the bus is called danger zone and should not be occupies knowingly or unknowingly.  

Authorized guardian to take kids back home: Incase the parents are unable to pickup/drop kids, a known trusted guardian should be authorized to pick up the kids who should be also introduced to the school bus staff too. 

As its said it’s better to be safe than sorry. Kids safety should be considered of prime importance. NeoTrack school bus tracking app ensures that your kid safely reached the school with timely notifications. You will also be alerted if the bus is taking a different route due to un-looked for emergencies like road blockage, traffic etc. 

Check with your kids school authorities and insist them on the use of this safety app like how many schools have already adopted the NeoTrack safety.

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