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All About GPS 3. The Next Generation GPS.

GPS block 3 is all set to be rolled out in the coming years that provides with better accuracy and security. It can be used for military as well as civilians use. The US Space Force has certified 4 satellites that can be used in the venture. Lets dive into the details. 

What is GPS 3?  

GPS 3 is considered the next generation in GPS technology with its amazing capabilities. With a design life of 15 years, they also come with anti-jamming and reduces attenuation feature and is considered more durable than the predecessors. Their most use comes in urban areas, where the normal GPS signals are blocked by trees & tall buildings, while GPS 3 will be able to work their way around obstacles more effectively.  

Above all GPS 3 has the ability to detect and avoid jamming signals. Jamming happens when someone interferes with the GPS system signal, while we are using it. It also uses a military code called M-Code that can identify and deter them. 

GPS 3 uses a radio frequency that allows it to transmit more information than the previous ones. It also means it can provide more accurate information to the users on ground who don’t have access to internet connection or cell phones. 

Better Accuracy & Anti-Jamming Capabilities 

In GPS 3 the signals from multiple satellites are combined and sent back as a unified signal, which enhances the accuracy of the signals. They can be equally helpful in millitary, commercial flights and civilians. GPS 3 systems have an accuracy of 1-2meters compared to the 5-10 meters of GPS 2 systems and hence providing the precise locations than before. Combined with Google Maps, the routes and locations will be exact as mentioned in them due to high rate of accuracy. 

M-Code for Advanced Security 

The M-Code security feature helps in providing robust and secured communication with ultimate anti-jamming facility. They can also help to conceal the identity from an adversary. They also has advanced encryption and anti-spoofing facilities. 

Another benefit of M-Code is that it helps to achieve the blue-on-blue jamming technique. Blue-on Blue Jamming occurs when two transmitters are trying to transmit on the same time but only one signal gets picked up. This is usally resulted from attempt to pick up one’s signal from the airways. The M-Code signals are more powerful than the GPS L1C/A signals which is heard by the friendly sources. 

GPS 3 Has Longer Lifespan 

The constellation of satellites is expected to be operational until 2043, with an estimated life of more than 15 years. They are designed for superior performance and orbit stability. The first satellite in the constellation was installed in 2018 and the next series will be installed 2022-2023. They provide high degree of accuracy with L1C and L2C frequencies. The enhanced position determination provides with 3 times more accuracy. The satellites are equipped with laser retro-reflectors which helps to communicate with other satellites and minimize satellite clock errors. It is also said that the Distress Alerting Satellite Systems( DASS) to be integrated with the GPS 3 systems. The DASS systems is a satellite based system that monitors & records distress signals from ships & aircrafts for rescue signals. 

GPS 3 is definitely a promising step for the future generations. It not only provides with best accuracy; it also will help a great deal in rescue operations. GPS 3 is bound to make our lives simpler and safer.

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