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AI Applications In Sports

With the current world striding towards a tech-rich future, the possibilities opened up before each and every field is enormous. Artificial intelligence in sports will be soon taking over the conventional ways in which process is conducted though over the past few decades Ai has transformed how the data is obtained, maintained and analyzed in sports. 

The main aim of ai applications in sports is to make the competition fiercer and more accurate. Let us see use of artificial intelligence in sports. 

Identify talent & recruitment: Ai helps in identify talents of the player precisely and analyze the player performance. 

Business management: Managing various channels of business-like sportswear, fan management, ticket pricing etc. 

Game analytics: Umpire assistance, player performance analysis, outcome prediction etc. 

Training & coaching: Tactical planning, personalized diet plan for players etc. 

Applications of AI in Sports 

Taking precise decisions have ever become important in the fi eld of sports where even a small mistake can cost fortunes. So they tend to rely heaving of technology to fill the gaps where human brain may go error. Various applications of AI in sports constitute the real-life examples of artificial intelligence. 

Performance of Players- With the predictive analysis of AI, it can be used to improve the health of player and rule out necessary tactics for sports performance. Using wearable technology that gather data while they are training and player can understand their tear, fatigue levels and train accordingly leaving space for improvement. 

Customized diet plans- Ai can chalk out diet plans according to  their need and schedule. As each player is different so is their diet requirements. Various ai-based fitness apps are now available which can track the real time functions of body and share the analysis with the concerned. 

Easy ticketing- One of the real-world applications of ai will be ticketing in sports. Earlier the task was too tedious as people used to wait for hours at entrance for their tickets to get checked. Now with the help of AI face recognition ticket checking is easy and can avoid bottlenecks. 

Intelligent broadcasting- Ai can help choose the right angle of camera to be displayed on the viewer screens. Language also is a barrier when it comes to live streaming given the adverse audience watching it, AI helps to provide subtitles based on viewer location and preference. They also allow the management to better monetize the ads by placing them at right time predicting the excitement of crowd and event trajectory. 

Coaches’ insights- With AI enabled data, coaches can now analyze the data and come up with training tactics to build stronger regiments with effective rigorous training. They can come up with accurate tactics and timely modifications if needed. Coaches can also understand each player response to the training and create personalized sessions for improvement if needed. 

Ai is slowly but surely is becoming an evident factor in all our lives. From our smart phones to smart cars, there is only much that AI cannot do. Will they replace human force or help is still a topic of debate. But as long as humans have control over the results AI will be one of the best technologies ever developed. 

Our NeoTrack school bus tracking app is AI based GPS tracking algorithm can intelligently optimize the best possible route covering multiple stops without overlapping, monitor the bus track on real time basis while sending out notifications beforehand for pickup and drop. Parents and schools authorities now save their valuable time waiting for school bus in sun, dust and pollution, not to mention the integral role played by AI in the venture.

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